This is the Huawei’s New 2019 MateBook X Pro, this is their lead PC, yet they’ve additionally propelled new MateBook 13 and 14 PCs which are fundamentally the same as and offer marginally unique specs and ought to be more moderate.

As should be obvious the MateBook X Pro is fundamentally indistinguishable to a year ago’s model as far as structure (which is definitely not an awful thing, even the Apple MacBook has been utilizing a comparative plan for a considerable length of time).

It’s as yet a staggering looking workstation with exquisite 3000 X 2000 presentation with ludicrously dainty bezels giving it a 91% screen to body proportion. The MateBook has a one of a kind recessed webcam and that superior Space Gray metal structure which doesn’t look anything like the MacBook Pro certainly not in the scarcest piece.

Fundamentally, it is a spec redesign this year with new Intel Whiskey’ll AQ Processors up to the quad-center i7 8565U which is 10 percent quicker than a year ago so’s great, all the more vitally, however this is one of the main PCs to accompany Nvidia most recent passage level illustrations chip the MX250 that is up from the MX150 a year ago.

Which is 3½x quicker than Intel’s coordinated UHD 620 designs chip which is really great (they don’t venture to state what can speed help we see originating from the MX 150 there’s still no official benchmarks of the new chip, obviously that is something I’ll test in my full audit)

On the off chance that you need some progressively genuine graphical torque, you can generally attach an outside designs card by means of the Thunderbolt 3 port in spite of the fact that they additionally improved the cooling framework on the MateBook X with the New shark blade 2.0 fans which are evidently 20% increasingly effective. Ideally, the new MateBook will be calmer when gaming and structuring are set from High→Ultra setting, A little expansion incorporate quicker Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth 5.0, incredible Quad speaker setup and the touchscreen presently underpins some clever motions ( a three fingers wipe-down will take a screen capture )

Huawei has been dealing with the upgraded One-jump highlight to flaunt utilizing Huawei share 3.0 and battery life is cited as somewhere in the range of 12 and 14 hours which I will discuss in my next audit.

A brisk data of the New MateBook 13 and 14; the 13 will be the least expensive of the group yet will do not have the New Nvidia MX250 Graphics in addition to it has somewhat thicker bezels, which implies webcam is really at the top which is certainly a superior position, yet you do lose that additional security you get with the recessed webcam it’s likewise practically a similar one reported at CES in January aside from this MateBook 13 presently accompanies a touchscreen.

The MateBook 14 is nearer to the X Pro as far as size and specs however the screen isn’t exactly as sharp or splendid so this year truly is only a development of the MateBook arrangement.

A couple of refinements and a spec knock, nothing to get also amped up for yet I am anticipating completely assessing it soon I’ll refresh the portrayal with costs and accessibility when they’re affirmed however anticipate that the X Pro should begin from around 1,300 pounds and top out at around 1,700.

So certainly premium costs the mate book 13 will turn out originally pursued by the 14 and the X Pro in April however what do you make of the new mate books would you be able to be enticed to get one let me realize what you think in the remarks underneath.


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